The Albert Wilson Memorial Field, Prestatyn is a Registered Charity Number 521146 which is administered by a Board of Trustees on behalf of the Liverpool Regiment of the Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade.

The aim of the charity is to provide holiday facilities to particularly benefit those who do not have the privileges others have and to allow the users to have fun and fellowship in rural surroundings.

The Administration and running of the organisation is carried out entirely by volunteers and there are no paid employees.

The facilities of the trust are the fields at Prestatyn, North Wales which are split into two camping sites, totalling around 10 acres. The site is available to any organised camping group predominantly for the benefit of young people.

Each field has a cookhouse, toilets and shower facilities and each field is capable of accommodating about 200 people.

The majority of groups using the facilities are accommodated in tents which are usually organised through the voluntary Site Manager.

The Trust is reliant upon income mainly from those groups using the sites and the costs are kept as low as possible in order to permit as wide a range of users as possible to use the facilities. This is supplemented from time to time by various charitable donations.

Regular use of the field has been recorded prior to 1939, the current site being acquired on 6th April 1955.

Temporary cook house and toilets were used for many years before a major project in 1971, at a cost of £4535, saw the installation of a drainage system and two cookhouses being built.

Electricity was also laid on the site in 1971.

The Main toilets were installed in 1978 at a cost of £12,031.83.

The current chapel building was erected in 1984/85.

A block of store rooms and showers were installed, with work starting in 1994.
New roofs were installed on both of the cookhouses in 2006/7.

In 2008 due to the fall in the number of camps a project was started to convert one of the existing cookhouses into a more useable open area for eating or indoor activities, with a small cooking area at the rear of the building.

At the end of 2011, we started to refurbish cookhouse No. 2. We now have a new, modern and fully equipped kitchen with top of the range appliances.

The next project we are considering is the installation of a disabled toilet and a covered washing up area.