The Team

The camp site is run by a group of hard working volunteers;

Richard Clarke

Site Manager
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I have been going to the site for many many years. From a young age I used to put up tents, helping a gang with the marquees etc. As a youngster I helped with maintenance on a regular basis. Of late I have been working on plans and implementation of ideas to update and improve our facilities, when time and finances allow. I am keen to build better relationships with local groups and promote the use of the site. Being a leader and assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh’s award I hope to utilise the facilities for DofE as much as possible.

Sarah Clarke

Booking Secretary/Web Manager
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I have grown up going to Prestatyn; putting up tents and helping with the maintenance and refurbishment of the site. Alongside the other members, I have done a lot of fundraising work for the field, due to the effort we all put in and thanks to everyone who voted we recently won the NATWEST Community Award 2012. I took on the role of Booking Secretary for the field recently and my aim is to advertise this great campsite, and hopefully achieve a lot more bookings.

Harry Huyton

Chairman of The Trustees

My first visit to the site was in 1957 when I was camping as part of the Church Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade. I have been coming ever since then on a regular basis. I got involved with the Committee as well as working hard to improve the site. I have been C/O of the Liverpool Battalion and Chairman of the Trustees for 13 years. I am looking forward to many more happy years working and enjoying at the site.

Nathan Storm


I have been part of the team for over 12 months now. Ever since I first saw the site I fell in love with the location and surroundings.

Chris Foster

Head of Construction and Joinery

I have been camping at the Albert Wilson Memorial Field for fifteen years with the Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade. I now feel that at my age, and with the skills that I have, I can use these to help improve the campsite by keeping things up to date and running smoothly. I thoroughly enjoy every moment I spend at the site. I have helped with my input into the recent projects from the consultation stage through to the practical building and repairing stages.

Lyn Clarke

Catering, Supplies and Fundraising

I first went to Prestatyn with the Church Lads and Church Girls brigade on their Annual Camp as Wirral First Aiders, I was also involved with the preparation of getting all the food. However one of the cooks retired 5 years ago so I thought that I would go in the kitchen during the Annual Camp and help out. I am still cooking for them every year. Since spending my time at the campsite, I knew what needed to be updated and the costs of refurbishment, I took on the role of applying for funding and grants.